How To: Bringing a Bathroom to Life

The bathroom is one of the least often used rooms in the home, not one where you spend a great deal of time, but which is just as important to put thought and consideration into when decorating it. With a few key considerations in mind and a little know-how, you can redo your bathroom space and be extremely pleased with the results.

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Setting the Mood.

The first step to redecorating your bathroom and giving it a whole new feel is deciding what mood you want to create. You may want to feel as though you are stepping into a tropical paradise when you head in to have a warm bubble bath at the end of the day. Or, maybe you would prefer a more modern, streamlined look. Whatever the case, figure out what works for you, what you are interested in and get this sorted before getting started on your new bathroom design.

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Adding Some Color.

Just as with most other spaces, adding at least a pop of color here and there is crucial to the end design. Whether you flaunt color around in the room to create a bright, bold space, or stick to a few single elements that make enough of a statement on their own, such as a large flower arrangement in the corner or bright, plush towels hanging by the tub, color brings personality to a room and can completely transform the space, giving it life.

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Accessorize it.

One of the parts of decorating which often goes overlooked in the bathroom is accessorizing. You have the basic necessities, from your tub to your sink, but there are lots of quick, simple ways to add all the right finishing touches to your bathroom space, with the right accessories.

When a bathroom redecorating project comes up, the best thing you can do for yourself is be prepared and knowledgeable, and always remember to use your creativity and have fun with it.{picture sources:1,2,3}.