How To Brighten Your Home With Ceiling Lights

Although lamps, sconces and other types of task lighting are often must-haves in a room, the ceiling light fixtures remains the main source of light. Whether it’s a built-in system, a chandelier or a pendant lamp, the ceiling light fixture should not be missing.

Oversized pendant lamps.

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An oversized pendant lamp can look gorgeous above the dining table or the coffee table in the case of a living room. It would be a focal point for that room or area and it would also provide sufficient light.


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Chandeliers are really popular in traditional interior design but they’ve also been adapted to a bunch of other styles as well. They’re commonly used in living rooms as well as in dining areas and they come in a variety of styles.

Cove lighting.

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Cove lighting is usually subtle and used as accent lighting in combination with chandeliers, pendant lights or a combination of fixtures. It’s used to highlight the architecture of a room, the moldings on the ceiling or the color.

Industrial fixtures.

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Industrial ceiling lighting only suits certain types of decors. It often looks wonderful in kitchens where it can be matches with other elements but it can also become a focal point in living rooms and occasionally in dining areas.

Cord lighting.

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Cord lighting is most often used in rooms with high ceilings. It looks magical in bedrooms and can have a dramatic effect in living rooms. Another great place for cord lighting is in the dining room and high ceilings are not a requirement in this case.


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Some things look better in pairs or groups. In the case of these upside down lamps, the effect is even more interesting. You can adapt the idea to your own style and preferences.

Modern pendants.

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Use modern pendant lights to turn your ceiling into a focal point. They’re usually really simple and they stand out in all sorts of intriguing ways. Use as many as you please to get the effect you desire.

Ceiling lights for the kids’ rooms.

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There are tons of interesting, cute and funny ceiling light fixtures designed to look splendid in the kids’ rooms. Some feature colorful designs, others employ cute shapes to look lovely and others feature themed designs.

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But they don’t all feature these characteristics. It’s also possible to choose something simpler for the kids’ room but still interesting and great for the room.{found on potterybarnkids}.