How to Brighten Your Front Porch with Spring Color

Trying to find ways to add color and a burst of spring to your front porch. Spring is the right time to remodel your existing porch or build a new one. Many ways are there by which you can reflect the color of spring in the front of your home. Your front porch is where people first greet your home, you entertain family and friends, and it’s the perfect curb appeal to your outdoor home. If you are looking to bring spring inspiration to your front porch, use some of these ideas.

spring front porch chairs
Paint your existing porch furniture in spring colors


Front porch landscaping not only adds certain value but huge curb appeal as well. In fact, a right landscaping around your porch can look like icing on the cake. The spaces beside the porch can be superb planting areas. You can place a statue in that small garden, which will append added interest and perspective. An English-type garden with a fence can give a quaint look to an otherwise ordinary porch landscaping. On the other hand, a staircase with ivy growing across it will give the entire front area a natural and clean look.

spring porch ceiling color
Bring color to your porch floor and ceiling

Paint the Floor

A nice way to bright up the front porch is to refurbish the porch floor. If the floor is made of woods, you can leave it as it is. Otherwise, paint it to give an updated look. A light color on the floor can be harmonized by keeping a few vividly colored pots with plants or flowers on the porch.

spring color cushions porch
Add color with paint, cushions, and colorful textiles

Welcoming Front Porch

Purchase a welcome mat that besides being functional, will add color and texture to your front porch. The mat should be strapping but take care that it comes in a nice color or has a friendly image embellished on its surface. It should be sturdy enough to stick in place when walked on. It will prevent dirt from being tracked into your home.

front porch plants steps
Add plants and greenery around your front porch

Adding Accessories

To avoid ads and magazines to mess your front porch and to retrieve mail easily, a painted, attachable mailbox will be perfect. Purchase an inexpensive mailbox and paint it according to the plant and floral arrangements surrounding your porch. Some simple art pieces on the porch wall with some accompanying light fixtures will increase the beauty of the place manifold. For example, hang two paintings or art pieces on the walls of each side of the door and set two small wall-mounting lights just above each painting. You can also add a pendant light hanging from the center of the roof. Chandeliers, scones, lanterns, and electric candles can also be used to bright the place up.

spring front exterior house color
Consider adding a spring color to your exterior home

Use Porch Furniture

You can add an inviting look to your porch by adding some furniture. Making a sitting area with benches, chairs, or comfortable stools may encourage your neighbors to stop by for a chat. Outfit the furniture with cozy cushions and throw pillows. Choose the fabrics in vibrant colors and splendid patterns so that they complement the diverse outdoor texture. If your porch is big enough, you can place a long farmhouse-style table or side tables. Keep a decorative box to store the cushions when not in use.

It is important to keep the front porch pleasing and welcoming because it is the place where people hang out usually when having friends over. Hopefully, these tips to brighten up your front porch will not only add to the beauty of your house, but also give a warm welcome to every visitor.

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