8 Ways To Lighten Up A Dark And Gloomy Space

Just because a room has tiny windows or no windows at all doesn’t mean it has to be all dark and gloomy. There are plenty of ways in which you can lighten up a dark room without necessarily making big changes like installing skylights for example. There are numerous solutions for this problem and a lot of them are really interesting.

In a room with dark walls and furniture, add a large rug or a carpet that features light colors. This one features cheery orange accents and a simple but eye-catching geometric pattern.

If your living room is furnished with black sofas and armchairs and matching accent pieces, then consider having at least one crisp white wall. But simply having the white wall in the room is not enough. Display a painting with really bold colors.

It’s important to choose the right lighting fixtures. A room with small windows and not a ton of natural light could use an oversized pendant light like this globe here.

Even if the walls and furniture in the room are completely black, you can still have a bright and airy room if you emphasize the light source. Make the window stand out.

Accent lighting can also have a big impact on the overall design of a room. If you feel like a room doesn’t get much natural lights, decorate it with table and floor lamps.

It would also be interesting to alternate different sources of light. For example, you can have a chic pendant light hanging from the ceiling, one or two table lamps plus some artwork or wall décor with lots of white in it.

Don’t feel limited to only using one pendant light in the room. You can have two, three or more that share similar designs and cluster them all above the dining table for example.

You don’t need a ton of light to make a room feel comfortable. In the case of the bedroom, subtle lighting is preferred. Illuminate a few key areas or accent features as opposed to the entire room.