How to bright up a boring kitchen

Are you among those bored of entering your kitchen day after day seeing those same plain walls staring blankly back at you while you are already in a dull mood trying to whip up something interesting for lunch or dinner? The best solution lies right below. You could make some small but distinct changes to your kitchen area and make cooking a more pleasurable and joyous experience.

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The blank walls could be adorned by some fascinating backsplash made of porcelain or ceramic tiles. These lovely tiles come in varied colors and designs and you could choose something stimulating and mind-blowing. They are in expensive and can be purchased from any hardware store nearby. A splash of pale green tiles could give you a pleasant feel of working amidst nature or a floral patterned one could give you a garden like ambience.

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Another idea would be to change those dull knobs on the cabinets to more interesting designer ones. There are many types of knobs available in the market either in bronze or handmade materials. You could choose the best one to define your kitchen.

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The dull looking rugs could also give way to more attractive ones in various shapes and sizes. With the floor, cabinets and walls attended to the windows sure do not want to be left behind. You could change the blinds adorning your windows to more fascinating and smart looking drapes. The color could be selected to match your tiles and rugs on the floor. You could choose handmade fabrics to give that breezy and welcoming look to your kitchen.

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With everything looking fresh and clean, you sure do not want your sink area looking dingy and dark. You could hang some nice looking light right above the sink to make it look bright and fresh. You now have the perfect kitchen with spectacular interiors, bright rugs, sparkling tiles and the right lighting to make cooking a more lively experience!

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