How to Blend Décor Styles

When you and your partner clash over what kinds of styles you want in the home, it can be a difficult task to find some compromise. However, there are ways to unite various styles in the design of a room. Here are some blending tips.

Go Easy on Color.

Yellow chairs cowhide rug
Stick to a Minimal Color Scheme

When blending different styles (for instance, if you want shabby chic and your partner wants something more traditional), a good tip is to keep your color scheme minimal. This means using just a few colors throughout the room to tie everything together.

Create an Odd Accent.

Yellow chairs cowhide rug
A Piece of Furniture that Doesn’t Match Becomes a Design ‘Do’!

If there’s an accessory or piece of furniture that seems to stand out on its own against the rest of the room, highlight it so that it becomes the focal point. You can then use this upholstery or accessory as a basis from which to design the rest of the room. For instance, if the item is bright green in color, the rest of the room can display slivers of green shades to create a link to the accessory, forming harmony in the room.


Yellow chairs cowhide rug
Use Accessories to Tie Everything Together

Styles can be displayed effectively through the use of items such as pillows, exotic patterns or decorative vases. Try to use these in the room but make sure you’re not overwhelming the space with one style while neglecting the other. You and your partner should first choose what items you both want and then work on trying to see which ones go together the best.

Not Everything Needs to Match.

Yellow chairs cowhide rug
Dare to Do Something Different

Remember that contrast can sometimes be more powerful than having your styles match too perfectly. Blending is good, but don’t be afraid of having some items work against each other for a room that has more personality.

Pattern Rules.

Yellow chairs cowhide rug
Contrasting Patterns Brings a New Element to the Space

Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns. This can have an interesting effect. However, when mixing and matching patterns, try to focus on one area of the room to do this instead of taking over the entire space with lots of patterns that don’t match. The latter could create a style clash instead of ensuring that the different styles complement each other.

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