Simple And Beautiful Ways To Add Color To A Small Porch

A well-organized and beautifully-decorated porch can become a natural extension of the house, a wonderfully relaxed area and a gorgeous spot whenever you want to contemplate or admire the great beauty surrounding you. Even a small porch can offer all that. It doesn’t have to be bland and boring and the key is to use color cleverly.

You can add color to a small porch through furniture. For example, give the old rocking chairs makeover and paint them a nice, eye-catching color that makes them stand out. Or get some plain, white chairs and spray paint them to give them a bold and vibrant look.{found on diytilwedie}.

You can also add color to this space with accent pillows, just like you would indoors. Whether you buy a bunch of eye-catching pillows or make them yourself, the effect will surely be noticeable. Use prints, patterns and color combinations to get the desired look.

A covered porch can also be transformed with paint. Choose a bold, vibrant color and paint the surrounding walls and columns. Keep the rest of the porch simple so the ambiance remains relaxing and comfortable.

You can also add color to a small porch using an area rug. Pick a simple pattern. A striped rug would look nice but you can opt for geometric patterns. The colors don’t necessarily have to be striking. And don’t forget about the things nature offers you. Use plants and flowers to transform a tiny porch into a refreshing spot.