How to arrange furniture in a small bedroom

When you have a small space to begin with, the hardest part if to figure out a way of including everything that you need without making the room too crowded. This applies for every room of the house and not only. Let’s see what we can do for the bedroom. The bedroom is a space that needs to be airy, fresh and relaxing. This means that you should try to create a decor in which you can move freely while also having all the furntiure that you need.

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When you get to choose all the furntiure it’s easier. But when you already have some pieces of furntiure that you have to use, it’s difficult to make them all fit in a small bedroom while also creating an airy and soothing atmosphere. When you have large pieces of furntiure, the first thing you should do is measure the lenght and width of the bed and of the other large pieces and try to create a virtual design. You can use a pen and paper for that. You can also do it in you head.

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Then place the bed gainst one of the walls. This is the pieces can usually takes the most space. Then try to arrange the rest of the pieces according to the location of the bed. The next piece of furntiure that you should place in the bedroom is the dresser, that’s usually the nest largest piece of furniture. If you want to include a desk and chair as well, this is the time to do it.

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Now all you have to do is include the smaller items and to try to make sure the fit in a pleasing way. If you’re satistified with your creation, it’s best to ask for a second oppinion as well.

If you have the oportunity to go furntiure shopping, try to find adjustable or expandable pieces of furntiure. Be creative and use the space efficiently. For example, you can choose a bed that had storage space underneath or a headboard with drawers and shelves integrated in its design. Open shelves are also a great idea.{picture sources:1,2 and 3}.