How To Arrange The Furniture Around A Fireplace

If a room has a fireplace then chances are that will be the focal point. This is something usually established from the start but then comes the hard part: decorating the space around the fireplace. ( The main challenge is figuring out how the furniture should be arranged.

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Well, since the fireplace is usually found in the living room, you can arrange the sofa and armchairs around it to form a cozy grouping. The coffee table will sit in the middle and all the seating will face it. Apply this strategy during winter when you’ll actually be using the fireplace. During summer, you can rethink the whole organization.

Modern fireplace rocks wall designView in gallery

Modern fireplaces are merely a decoration for the room so there’s no need to cluster all your furniture around it. A minimalist décor can feature a sofa placed directly in front of the fireplace complemented by one or two lounge chairs, one of which can be placed next to the fireplace just to create the feeling of comfort.

Balance and harmonious designView in gallery

If you wish to create a balanced and harmonious ambiance, then opt for a symmetrical arrangement of the furniture. The fireplace can be the central axis and you can have two sofas placed on either side, facing each other and two armchairs right in front of the fireplace, with a coffee table at the center.

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But what if the fireplace is placed at an angle? Then a symmetrical design is pretty much out of the question. Try instead to turn this area into a cozy seating nook. The strategy works for small spaces or for difficult layouts such as this one.

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Keep some distance between the fireplace and the furniture if you want the fireplace to stand out as a focal point. The wall on which is placed needs to be highlighted and kept simple and free of clutter. Arrange the rest of the furniture on the opposite wall, so that all those sitting there can face the fireplace and, in some cases, the TV if the two are on the same wall.