How to Add Splashes of Color to your Home Office

Your home office may see more of you then you would prefer everyday! Whether you have a home-based business or you and the family are constantly surfing the internet or paying bills, your home office should be inspiring and enjoyable to be in. Many home offices are the forgotten room of the home when it comes to adding color and are bland and boring. If you want to add color and life to your home office that sees you for hours on end each day, take a look at these ideas to add life and verve back into your workspace!

home office color yellow
Choose inspiring colors for your home office

Add color that invigorates:  

Color in your home office should create a feeling of action, inspiration and keep you working, right? Try to add punches of colors with an accent wall behind your desk wall or a main focal point wall in your room. Whether you choose darker colors that add sophistication or bright and cheerful colors, try out the color on a small area first. Often times, too bright of colors can fatigue the eyes and leave you tired, rather than inspired. Depending on your home office, bringing in more natural and artificial light sources can help counterbalance colors that are heavily saturated.

home office color bright
Brighten your home office with a colorful accent wall

Soften up your home office with textiles:

For some reason many home office dwellers only have hard surfaces in the room and it creates a mood that is unwelcoming and cold. From your office furniture to the electronics, hard surfaces make your mind feel uncomfortable and will keep you from being productive in your workspace. Try adding curtains, area rugs, a toss pillow for your office chair and even textured wall coverings or artwork can help soften your home office. Choose colors that blend with a color scheme you have chosen to enliven the space. Top off your room with coordinating desk accessories and a wall clock and you will have instantly transformed your home office.

home office color red
Use textiles to soften your work area

Colorful furniture can set the stage:

Another great way to bring in color is with your office furniture. Colorful fabric and upholstered chairs, sofas, and office furniture can add color and dimension to a boring office decor. Acrylic or plastic colorful office or conference table chairs are a nice way to bring color and creativity to a workspace. Let’s face it, would you rather be bored in your home office or inspired? Furniture that evokes character and sparks creativity is exactly what you need in your home office, and colorful furniture can help you achieve it.

home office color chairs
Add color to your office with furniture options
home office color neutral
Use neutral color furniture to match your design style

A colorful home office is closer to your reality than you once imagined. Look at your current workspace and determine if it could use a makeover. Whether you are adding a colorful accent wall, lively textiles or colorful furniture, there is no limit to the options for your work area. Your home office just got a little brighter with these ideas, be careful… your home office may become your favorite room of the house!

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