How To Add Sparkle To Every Room

Some shine in any corner. A bright spot in any nook. There’s nothing wrong about creating sparkle for one or all of your home’s rooms. Adding this type of look to all your rooms, or even just your favorite doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Just add a piece or too of sparkle to make sure you get a beautiful smile every time you walk into the space. Allow us to show you how to do it! Take a look at our ideas and inspiration!

1. Throw Pillows.

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Whether it’s on your bed or on the living room sofa, adding a bejeweled pillow to the bunch will enhance the style and sophisticated of the space. And it doesn’t matter what you theme or vision may be. A sparkly little pillow fits in with a modern bedroom or an eclectic, homey living room. It just adds fun and playfulness in an unsuspecting way.

2. Metallic Details.

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Shiny lamps and golden mirrors. These are just a few ways to utilize metallic flavors. Metallic golds, silver and even soft hues of blues and pink, can sparkle and shine just as much as all the glitter in the craft room. So, choose a few standout pieces to scatter around the house. The lamps can go in the study, the candelabra on the dining room table and the mirror in the foyer.

3. Chandeliers.

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Chandeliers create and bring out a bunch of sparkle in any room. Over your craft room desk or placed over your rustic dining room table, chandeliers are a fun and something, eclectic, way to decorate your house with. Chandeliers can sometimes act as mirrors, creating extra light and shine.

4. Kitchen dishes.

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Bring out the sparkle at dinnertime with beautiful, shining dishes! Whether it’s the chargers or the dishes themselves, this will be a fun and stylish was to set the dinner table! All you need is a bit of chrome finishing. And you don’t have to use these plates just for special occasions bring them out for homemade pizza night or a big pancake breakfast!

5. Tiling.

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The bathroom floors, walls or the kitchen backsplash tiles can carry some sparkle too. This is a bolder move but a move that will bring big style and fun to your home. You can make this more subtle with a white tile that has a bit of a iridescent overlay or go straight for the metallic.

6. Unexpected DIY.

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With a hot glue gun, you can add your very own sparkle bits to anything in the house. Line the towel racks with some mini crystals. Or put a little shine on some of the kitchen cabinet nobs. Or grab the glue gun and line the edges of the living room’s lampshade! It’s an easy way to add shine to anything you want!

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