How to add some color under your sofa for an eye-catching effect

Every one of us is unique but unfortunately we can’t say the same about the designs and items we use. For example, when you buy a piece of furniture you know that lots of other people have the same piece in their home. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t make it unique. You don’t have to deconstruct it in order to give it a fresh makeover. A few little changes would be enough.

Sofa feet

For example, if you have a sofa that you wish would stand out more or that you would want to have something special that no other sofa of that kid has, you can simple chose to change one little aspect about it. An interesting idea would be to add a touch of color under your sofa by painting the legs a bright color. It’s an idea you can use when you start to get tired of your sofa or when you simply feel the need for a change.

Sofa feet1

Sofa feet2

First of all, in order to paint the feet you first have to screw them off. Depending on the sofa you have, this can be either very easy or a nightmare. Then, if they have felt pads on the bottom, you’ll have to take them off with a razor blade. Try to get the glue off but if you can’t do it it wouldn’t be such a big problem since you’ll end up applying new glue after you’re done painting anyway.

Sofa feet3

Sofa feet4

Next you have to sand the feet in order to remove the finish. Then prop each foot on a piece of paper towel roll or anything similar so you can spray paint them evenly. You can use any color you want but it should be something bold, maybe even fluorescent. If the feet are small they will need to stand out. Apply two or three coats of paint and let the feet dry properly. It’s best to wait for 48 hours just to be sure. At the end you can also prime the feet or give them a nice shiny finish.{found on site}.