How to add personality to your bedroom

We have all done it: decorated a bedroom and proclaimed it as the greatest thing since the space hopper only to be completely bored of it and demand a change within months. What can one day seem new and exciting can feel dull and uninspired the next. How can you keep the space feeling fresh and different? Instead of shelling out for a whole new bedroom every few months, the best option is to bring a bit of extra personality to the room by adding new smaller elements. Here are a few tips for how to achieve this on a budget.

Invest in a new chair.

Bedroom chair

As opposed to rebuying all of the usual furniture items you would find in a bedroom, why don’t you buy a new comfy chair? If the room is decked out in neutral tones, a contrasting statement item could really reinvigorate the whole space. If you didn’t have such an item in the room previously, the chair could also cause you to use your room in a different way, say by reading a book there instead of a study or living room.

White armchair design

New colourful duvet cover.

Colorful duvet

White duvet

Another way to introduce colour and vibrancy into a room is to buy a new duvet cover set. With the cold nights coming in, you are probably at the stage where the winter duvet is being pulled out of the wardrobe anyway, so why not celebrate its reappearance with a new cover to keep your spirits up during the long dark winter months? Far from merely being a functional device, a bright duvet colour can have similar effects on a room to the new chair mentioned previously.

Quirky lamps and light fittings.

Lamp bedroom

If the majority of your bedroom furniture is plain, the introduction of an interesting bedside lamp or a room’s light shade could really make it pop. Consider vintage lamps (after checking the electrics are working correctly of course) and second hand shades to change the character of the room, as they can provide something different while being relatively cheap too.

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