How to Add Color to Rooms With White Walls

White walls are classic. They go with everything, and they can make rooms look larger. But they can also be kind of boring. But whether you have white walls just because you like them, or because you’re in a rental without the option to paint, you probably do want at least a little color in your home. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to bring color into your rooms.



Aside from your walls, your furniture likely takes up the most space in your room. There are a lot of different options for colorful furniture available, from couches and chairs to painted tables and bookshelves. Just as if you were painting a room, pick a color palette and run with it. It should be easy to find something that goes well with your white walls.

Statement Art.

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Maybe your walls themselves can’t turn colors, but the things you put on your walls can add color to the room. Large statement pieces especially can make the room feel less plain. But a bunch of smaller framed art can also do the trick. You can even utilize colorful frames that complement the art or photos.



Window accents are a great option for adding smaller pops of color to your room if you want to keep the bigger pieces more neutral. You can choose bright solids or even fun patterns. And if you want the curtains to really stand out, mount them from the ceiling rather than right above the windows.

Accent Pieces.

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Again, for those who just want a little bit of color, adding small accent pieces can be a good option. These can include, pillows, knick-knacks, lamps, and other basic pieces you probably already have. But just choosing colorful options rather than neutrals can add quite a bit to your white room.



But for those looking for a bolder option, just look down. Add a colorful area rug, choose a bold carpet, or even paint the floor itself. Pairing a colorful floor with colorful accent pieces like couch pillows can bring the whole room together. Just choose accent colors that go well with your flooring.

You may not want to use all of these approaches together in one room, but using at least one of them will make your plain white room a lot less plain.

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