How to Add a Touch of Vintage Charm to Your Space

Every great space has one thing in common – character. There are all different kinds of character, but every home and every room needs something that sets it apart from other spaces. Adding some vintage items can make your space one of a kind, and also give it a very distinctive style. Whether just adding a few little knick knacks and pieces on display in a corner or putting together a whole room full of vintage furniture and decorations, adding some vintage items to your space can definitely help it to stand out. Here are some tips for adding a little bit of vintage charm to your space.

Keep items with meaning.


The best way to make your space one of a kind is to collect and keep old family heirlooms and find creative ways to display them around your home. Not only are many of these items one of a kind and unique, they can also remind you of fun memories or favorite family members every time you look at them.

Start a collection.


Simply picking up any and every vintage item that catches your eye at an estate sale or antique shop can work if you’re going for an eclectic look. But if you want to have more of a defined or clear-cut style, starting a collection of a particular kind of item can simplify the process.

Know what to look for.


If you don’t want to be that particular with your vintage items, just come up with a more general plan each time you go to a sale. You might want to stick with a particular color scheme. Or you could have a time period in mind that you want your space to reflect.

Consider replications.


Especially when it comes to larger pieces, replications or items that aren’t necessarily vintage but have sort of a vintage style can still give your space the look you want. For example, if you pick out a Victorian style couch that’s actually new, then you can just accentuate it with some actual antique accents and your room will have a distinct and cohesive style.

Buying and collecting vintage items can really help to add character to your space. But coming up with a plan for your treasure hunting can ensure that your space is vintage and charming rather than old and cluttered.

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