How to Achieve Shabby Chic Décor

It doesn’t have to look perfect, but it can still be chic! Here are tips to achieving shabby chic in your home or apartment so that it is elegant without losing character.

Fashionably Worn.

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Go for Natural Elements

Shabby chic-inspired décor looks its best when items of upholstery are a little worn down. For instance, wooden doors can be left with their grain showing. Raw elements and textures work well in shabby chic design.

Cozy and Creative.

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Comfortable Shabby Chic

Focus on creating coziness with your décor. This could mean using earthy colors in the room or having soft textures. An easy trick for creating a shabby chic sofa would be to use throws and covers, which is extra great if you’re on a budget.

Throw in Some Organized Clutter.

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Organize Your Mess into Something Trendy

If you have a lot of décor items and accessories in your room, you don’t have to throw anything out – just make sure that the pieces all work together in some way, such as by being part of the same color palette.

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Eye-Catching Décor Accessories Create a Stir

Bring in a few ‘wild card’ items for effect, such as a vase in a neon color or a vintage chandelier.

Use White as a Base.

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Neutrals are Your Best Bet

White as a background color in the room is the perfect shade for shabby chic décor. If you don’t want white all over, use white paint that is tinged with a bit of color, such as blue or lavender.

Perfect Harmony.

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Shabby Chic and Vintage

These two décor styles work very well together. With a neutral color base and the use of white porcelain and/or upholstery, achieving a vintage style is easy. Bring old clocks, chairs, and chandeliers to the party for instant vibrancy.

Shabby Chic and Beach Décor.

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Get that Seaside Feeling

Another good décor mix is the shabby chic and beach-inspired décor. These work well because they both use similar color palettes – neutrals, although beach décor can bring in the blues and greens of the ocean. If you’re creating a beach-cottage type of room, make it a little shabby by adding lots of different textures or patterns. This makes it a little less strict and organized, and a whole lot more personal.

Add a Mirror (or Two).

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Mirror Frames Create the Look

Mirrors are a shabby chic must-have! Great mirror frame designs include the vintage one, in curlicue and brocade designs.

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Or Skip a Fancy Frame

However you can even hang a mirror that has a regular-shaped, simple frame, but keep its peeled paint intact for effect.

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