How to play Donkey Kong with your Furniture

For all the video-games lovers, designers found a way to involve you in the decoration of your homes. Even thought the only thing you do is play games all day, this piece of furniture will bring you a smile on your faces and will still keep the deep connections that you have with your video-games. Remember the Donkey Kong game? It was a game where a little man had to save a princess from a gorilla. A very old game that kids used to like and to play all day long.

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So, as a sweet remember of the `80 and because this game was re-made for the Wii console, you should consider buying this wall unit. Designed by Igor Chak these shelves recreate the game because has all the aspects from there, ladders or the oil barrel. And the most interesting thing is that the designer even kept the resolution of this 8-bit game, so it looks like the action takes place in your living room.

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And you can move the detachable pieces the way you want, so you can fit there even a TV that will make the actual game playing more interesting. The design, even though is very fancy, is also very strong, and the shelves can support even a TV, pictures, books, or everything you want. That because every piece is made up of durable carbon fiber, anodized aluminum pixels, stainless steel rods and strong glass tops. And the mounts which help you attach them to your wall is made as well from steel, so your thing will be safe wherever you put them.

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And, for a better look, the shelves come as well with a picture of the oil tank. You need only the gorilla, the princess and the hero, and you can play the game in your living room. Or you can buy it and play it on your TV.