How Not To Decorate With Artwork

Artwork makes our homes more beautiful, it adds color, style and often complements the décor. But decorating with artwork is not as simple as it might seem. You can’t just frame a picture and hang it on the wall. You have to take into consideration a number of factor, all of which are important if you with the result to be a harmonious décor. So here are some tips that will tell what not to do when decorating with artwork.

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One mistake that people make when choosing their artwork is thinking that a piece has to be expensive in order to be worth displaying. In reality, anything can be turned into artwork if it has value for you. You can even put up your kids’ drawings if this is what you want. Choose something that means something to you or something that may look simple but that you like.

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When hanging artwork on the wall, make sure it sits at eye level. Many people make the mistake of hanging their artwork too high. It makes it difficult to look at and it doesn’t look good either. The center of a picture or any other type of artwork needs to be at eye level so keep that in mind when you decorate.

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Another mistake that people make is thinking that artwork doesn’t need to be in every room of the house. That’s not actually true. You need to learn how to distribute your accessories and accent pieces. For example, the living room, which is a social space and where there’s usually a lot of activity, can feature an entire gallery wall. Other rooms, such as the bedroom, can only have a single piece displayed on the wall or even none if this is what you want. However, artwork makes a room more beautiful so you should consider including it even in spaces such as the mudroom or the bathroom.

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When you’re hanging artwork, it’s best if you have someone else to help you. An extra pair of eyes is always welcome. This way you can have someone tell you whether or not the level is good and to guide you. It’s easier for you to have someone else step back and tell you if the placement is correct than to try to do both things by yourself.

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Artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be mounted on the wall. In fact, a framed photo or picture can also look good leaning against the wall. It will have a more casual look and it will also eliminate the need of making holes in the wall. You have a piece lean against the wall on a console table or directly on the floor.

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