How to Make Planters from Old Rubber Boots

I get easily attached to people and places and also of all the things in my house, no matter how small or insignificant. Sometimes this is not a good thing because some unused and useless things get piled up, eating most of the space available in my house and suffocating me and the other members of my family. Well, every once in a while I decide to clean up and throw some old things, but I feel rather bad throwing them. So most of them end up being used for something else, as i love recycling them. I think this is good for the planet and for my soul, too. For example I hate throwing old boots, especially old rubber boots belonging to my kids, so I learned How to Make Planters from Old Rubber Boots.

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So if you want to turn your kids’ old boots into planters you simply make sure you choose only rubber boots because they are more firm and keep they top end large open in order to allow the plants inside to breath and the water to get in. So avoid all boots with a very narrow opening. The next step is to fill the boots with soil. You’d better purchase some special soil from the flower shop because it is specially  prepared with all kinds of nutrients. Then plant the seeds or even the plants you want there and take care of them according to the instructions, hang them on the fence and enjoy the view. Well, it would be nice to choose funny models and vivid colours of rubber boots because this makes the design a lot funnier.