How Do I Choose Paint Colors For A New House?

Picking colors for a new house is one of the most crucial steps as it actually adds character to your home. If you happen to choose colors that are literally blah, your house will appear featureless and flat. However, if you land up choosing bold hues, it might overwhelm the structure. The best colors will be those which highlight the features of your house and boost the curb appeal.

Yellow blue living roomView in gallery

Choose colors for the living room – Living room is one of the most important places of the house as this is the place where you would want people to feel welcomed. When screening color options for the living room, try considering colors that are stylish, warm, as well as practical.   You may choose two colors to generate a scheme or simply stick with neutral colors. Yellow and blue can be used to get classic country side look or walls may be dressed in blood red to make a blood statement. This is the area, where you can actually allow your imagination to go wild.

White kitchenView in gallery

Choose colors for the kitchen – The Kitchen is an appetizing room in the house drawing friends and family to enjoy together. The colors for the kitchen should be such that it inspires you every day and encourages the communal spirit. From hand painted tile murals to ruby-red refrigerators, the colors in the kitchen can range from classic to kitschy. A chromatic and white scheme is natural and tasteful and will make the room appear crisp and modern. Alternatively, you may even choose multiple tones of a single color for a monochromatic scheme or experiment with a complementary color scheme for an eye-appealing look.

Contemporary bedroomView in gallery

Choose colors for the bedroom – A bedroom is a private space serving as a personal retreat where you would like to achieve maximum relaxation. The colors for this room should reflect your inner self, and your every attempt must be to spread your favorite colors, with which you are the most comfortable.  A contemporary and chic bedroom may be created by layering the neutrals whereas a dramatic boudoir could be conjured by playing with reds and purples.

Blue bathroomView in gallery

Choosing colors for the bathroom – Your bathroom will be your sanctuary, a retreat away from the chaos of the world. A relaxing and stress-free spa bathroom can be created by using watery colors reflecting the sea. Alternatively, splashes of acid pastels may also be selected to inject some energy every morning.{picture sources:1,2,3, and 4}.