How to decorate for a home wedding

A home wedding can be very beautiful. It would be an intimate setting and a more affordable alternative. If you’re worried about the decorations and the way everything will look like that day, you will be pleased to find out that it’s actually simpler and less scary than you imagine. Also, we’re here to help.

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There are several things to take into consideration before actually starting to decorate. You should first make a plan. Some things that need to be taken into consideration refer to the space required for the wedding, the wedding theme and the color palette. You should also decide whether the wedding is going to be indoor or outdoor. Also, decide on the style and make sure all the details match that decision.

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Overall, the décor will be glamorous. But you have to know where to draw attention to. You need to create a series of focal points. A few examples would be a fireplace decorated with flowers and lights, the landscape or the porch. For the rest of the spaces, the decorations should be kept to a minimum.

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If you decide to have the wedding outdoors you need to pay special attention to the lighting. You can use garden lamps, lanterns or small lights in the trees for a romantic and dreamy touch. As for the décor, you can use fresh flowers for the arch and you can also plant the same flowers and plants in the landscape.

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Don’t forget to personalize the whole décor. Even if all weddings are based on the same cloches you should find ways to make this one unique. It would be nice to make everyone feel like a part of the event.