How to create a beautiful stone backsplash for the kitchen

You don’t necessarily have to renovate the whole kitchen to make it more appealing. It’s enough to just change some small details to also change the atmosphere. For example, you can change the backsplash and replace it with a beautiful stone design. It’s not even difficult to do it. These homeowners did it themselves and we can get some inspiration from them.

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To recreate this design you’ll first have to find some stones. They’re not expensive and you can choose any color you want. Prepare your work space and put up the stone. Once the stone is up you’ll have to use the premixed grout that you should also have ready. Rub it all over the stone to cover them. It might not be a very pretty image at this point but it won’t remain like this. Then you’ll have to smooth out the grout to make it look nice.

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Once that part is done, just wipe all the excess grout away. You’ll have to wipe them until the stones look clean and shiny. It’s not the most fun part of the project but it’s probably the most rewarding because at the end you actually get to see the final result. You can do the same thing for your kitchen and you can choose multiple colors and shades for your stones and just mix them in any way you want.{found on homestoriesatoz}.