How A Smaller Closet Can Help You Save Money

If you’re constantly putting items into other closets because your main bedroom closet is too full, its time to figure out a solution. Whether you have too many clothes and accessories or maybe you aren’t using your closet to the best of its organization ability. Either way, a smaller closet shouldn’t be a challenge; in fact it could help you save money. From buying less, to using your closet space more efficiently, here are ways your small closet may be more beneficial than you ever imagined.

mens small closet idea
Fit more into your small closet

Take an accurate picture of your closet: 

Throughout your home you have many closets, from your bedrooms and hallways to your front entry, mudroom or even kitchen closets, commonly called a pantry. Decide which closets throughout your home could use an overhaul. If you can’t find items quickly or you are constantly spending more time searching, this could be a clue that you need to start purging. Children’s closets, master bedroom closets, utility rooms can benefit from a purging at least twice a year. Giveaway clothes that don’t fit or out of season, or just aren’t worn anymore. You will be surprised how much money you will save if you can find your current wardrobe easier and faster!

small womans closet
Utilize helpful organizational shelves and drawers

Use your small closet space wisely:

Small closets can still be functional with the right organizational tools. Shelving, built in drawers, vertical and horizontal hanging solutions for clothes and optimizing the full height of your closet walls will help. Especially in linen and utility closets, use the top shelves for seasonal bedding, or even holiday decorations that only get used once a year. Even if you need a ladder to reach these shelves it will optimize your closets instantly. In children’s rooms, use the top shelves to store arts and crafts or art and school supplies that are only used occasionally. While you may not realize it, utilizing the top shelves will free up the bottom areas and in turn will help you see exactly what you have and need.

small mens closet
Decorate your small closet to look visually appealing

Get creative with your small space:

If you are having problems knowing how to make best use of your space, consider asking or hiring a closet organization professional. They can help by measuring your space and then show you options. Believe it or not, the money you spend hiring a professional may pay off in the long run if you can fit more into your closet! Once you can’t use a closet anymore the tendency is to throw items away or cluttering moves to another area of the house. Get creative and see what helpful organization methods are on the market for your small closet.

small mudroom closet
Ask a closet organization professional for new ideas to save space
small childrens closet
Use a curtain instead of a door to save space in your small closet

Your closet shouldn’t be an area that you quickly throw items in and quickly close the door! Instead, take the time to assess what your closet challenges are. If a door isn’t ideal for your closet area, consider using a decorative curtain that can pull back when necessary. There are dozens of solutions for your small space closet, and you will be surprised how much money you will save once you use these helpful tips.

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