Walls On Wheels Maximize Space Flexibility In The MJE House

Living big in a small home is something we all struggle with. A few of us manage to find ingenious solutions. One example is the MJE House, also known as a Little Big House. Located in Asturias, Spain, this home measures only 70 square meters. It was completed in 2014 and designed by PKMN [Pacman] Architectures, a Madrid-base practice established in 2006.

MJE House in spain social area layout

The team’s constant goal is to explore new architectural fields and to find new ways of connecting people and of improving communication through architecture. In the case of the MJE House, they came up with a really interesting concept. The residence offers three possible layouts.

MJE House in spain pivoting wall unit

One option is a home with two bedrooms. The second one only features one bedroom and the third is a home with no bedrooms at all. Wondering how such a thing can be possible? It’s quite simple actually. It’s all done through rotating furniture.

MJE House in spain built-in custom furniture
Small space in Madrid but well organized
Walls on wheels

The architects envisioned an interior design where entire walls can rotate, slide and pivot and where features such as the beds can be hidden inside these walls. This type of flexibility means the layout can change depending on the needs of those using the space.

MJE House in spain welcoming interior design

A home where the bedrooms can be simply hidden allows the users to gain more space for entertainment and parties. In other words, the social area in this home can potentially measure up to 50 square meters.

MJE House in spain living space

The traditional concepts and designs related to rooms and homes in general were abandoned and a new perspective was used for this project. The entire interior was redesigned according to new rules and this maximized the options and opportunities.

MJE House in spain bedroom design
Fold down beds when the space is limited

Similarly to sliding shelving units, the structures that were custom-designed for this home increase the overall functionality of the space without compromising on comfort. Everything was well-thought through and the design thus suits everyone’s needs in the most beautiful modern way.

MJE House in spain three layout possibilities