House with swimming pool in the kitchen

We all know how  a normal kitchen looks and probably most of us have one. Usually kitchens have a very specific function and they are design, build and furnished in consequence. Modernism changed a little bit the face of everything making it a little less rigid, and allowed combinations of style and function, but nothing of what you’ve seen compares with this architectural wonder presented here. The element of novelty  is represented by a pool in the kitchen.

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This unique element placed probably in the most unusual place reminds of certain times of personal decadence. The 70s meant to the owners a lot. Being young and with the economical and political situation encouraging them to be rebels they probably lived great moments. Rock bands, chap gas and muscle cars allowed those youngsters to experience moments of real freedom.  That exact kind of noncoformism  pushed the owners to build a pool right in the middle of the kitchen.

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As wired as it may sound this can actually be a great place, where you can have fun and spend quality time with your family or friends. What can be better than a Sunday afternoon ,with your family gathered along with friends having together a great meal in swimsuits. If we think about the unusual architectural aspect, keep in mind that probably a lot of people, including myself wouldn’t mind swimming  in a place like this, so I guess it doesn’t really matters what other think as long as we feel good about it.{pics by Carl Dahlstedt and found on mixr}.