Clifftop House Redesigned To Capture The Amazing Bay Views

In 2013 Creative Arch would have already finished transforming this magnificent house situated in Rothesay Bay, a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand. The studio was founded in 1998 by architectural designer Mark McLeay and is formed of a group of enthusiastic and professional architects and designers for whom client service is always the first priority.

Rothesay Bay house sunset view
Rothesay Bay house architecture

Their high standards and services and continuous investments in computer technology and systems allowed the studio to evolve and to complete stunning projects all over New Zealand. This bay house lets us sum up all the great qualities of the group.

Rothesay Bay house box volumes

The house wasn’t build from scratch. The project was in fact a transformation and alteration of an existing building. The change was necessary in order to allow the inhabitants to take full advantage of the beautiful coastal views.

Rothesay Bay house glazed ground floor
Rothesay Bay house wood cladding

Most of the existing structure was preserved and the house was transformed into a modern home with four bedrooms and spacious living areas both indoor and outdoor. The whole transformation was planned as a project that focuses on recycling and economy for ecological and financial concerns.

Rothesay Bay house outdoor stairs

Rothesay Bay house entryway

The exterior of the house got a makeover, now featuring stained cedar cladding oriented both vertically and horizontally with powder coated metal and plaster accents. This choice of materials and natural colors allows the house to easily blend in with landscape.

Rothesay Bay house indoor outdoor transition
Rothesay Bay house living room seating area view

The building has a compartmentalized structure, being structured into box-like volumes that have different heights, shapes and sizes. The low roofs create a cozy and welcoming ambiance in the living spaces.

Rothesay Bay house kitchen and dining areas
Rothesay Bay house kitchen counter

The material palette also creates a contrast of texture and form throughout the residence which is emphasized in various manners. The residence was also designed to be eco-friendly. It has passive and cross ventilation and the remodel reused a lot of the existing elements.

Rothesay Bay house sliding walls on ground floor

The ground floor is mostly protected by full height sliding glass doors that open up the space to the outdoors, ensuring and seamless indoor-outdoor transition and allowing sunlight and air to freely flow through.

Rothesay Bay house staircse
Rothesay Bay house saircase glass railing

The concrete pathway that wraps around the house dialogues with the indoor wooden floors, creating a strong but balanced contrast. The lower level of the house contains the social spaces. The living room and the kitchen had to be repositioned so they can utilize passive heating. The living area is a flexible space thanks to the glazed walls and smooth transition to the outdoors.

Rothesay Bay house view from terrace

The upper level has a unique character. Here the designers utilized full height sliders that can open up completely to let in natural light and to ensure cross ventilation or can be closed for added privacy in the case of the two bedrooms towards the front of the house.

Rothesay Bay house bathroom decor

The other two bedrooms oriented toward the rear of the house feature an open terrace that wraps around them. The terrace has glass railings which allow unobstructed views of the bay to be admired from up here. The layered approach utilized by the architects responds to the conditions on the site and establishes a dialogue between the house and its surroundings.