Mid-Century Inspired House With A Large Rooftop Deck

There are many things that make this house beautiful and one of the most charming we’ve seen so far. Located in San Diego, California, the house sits on a gentle slope and embraces the site in the most wonderful way. It has this subtle cantilever that forms a nook under the building. Accent lighting highlights the beautiful architecture.

Clea House slope and cantilever

The project is called Clea House and was developed by Soheil Nakhshab, an internationally-renowned studio founded in 2003. Its architects and designers believe in the power of their work and the impact that each project has on its surrounding community as well as the way it affects the way people interact with the environment.

Clea House architecture and rooftop

Their designs focus on the present but are also mindful of the future and as the result the office puts great value on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. The Clea House is a nice example. This 3,820 square foot residence is equipped with water-efficient fixtures, LED lighting, energy-star appliances and also uses drought-tolerant landscape and solar energy.

Clea House courtyard lounge

Completed in 2016, the house has a beautiful mid-century inspired design that has been adapted to the current times and needs of its inhabitants. One of the most beautiful features is the rooftop deck. Up here there’s a wonderful al fresco dining area and a spacious lounge area.

Clea House rooftop terrace

But this single family home is even more charming on the inside. It was built on a single level and has a clean and simple layout. The interior is minimalistic but really cozy and quite luxurious.

Clea House seamless indoor outdoor transition

Large windows open the spaces to the outdoors, bringing the outside beauty in and letting in a lot of natural light. There’s an open floor plan that integrates the social spaces such as the living room, kitchen and dining area.

Clea House living room fireplace

There’s also a separate lounge with a low and elegant bookcase, a chic fabric-upholstered sofa and two comfortable striped armchairs. A pair of lamps, a large planter and stylish artwork give the space a really cozy and pleasant look and ambiance.

Clea House living and dining areas

The main living room has a large fireplace that looks gorgeous given the chocolate-brown wooden surround. A comfortable sofa faces the fireplace and the space is completed by a pair of simple and elegant armchairs with sleek wooden frames.

Clea House lounge space and kitchen

The kitchen features a beautiful large island with a white base and a marble top. It has a built-in sink and stove top and is it doubles as a bar. Three glamorous pendant lamps highlight the island. Sliding glass doors then link the space to an outdoor deck with a lovely lounge setup.

Clea House kitchen island marble top

This seamless and natural connection to the outdoors is also specific for other rooms such as the home office which is a small but charming space with double sliding glass doors that offer access to the courtyard. A similar connection also defines the library space.

Clea House home office
Clea House courtyard fire pit

The bedrooms, on the other hand, are more secluded and private. The master bedroom suite is exquisite with its patterned accent wall, black bed frame, light wooden floors and dark wooden wall unit. The en-suite bathroom has a large shower stall encased in glass. Inside it contains two separate shower units.

Clea House bedroom decor
Clea House bathroom showers