House situated on the top of Queen Anne hill in Seattle, Washington

The Raye Street House is situated on top of the Queen Anne hill in Seattle, Washington. It was a project by Ryan Rhodes designs and it’s a modern residence characterized by an open and spacious interior, with huge windows and marvelous views. The views played a very important role in the whole project. The designer tried to incorporate them in the project as much as possible and to allow the inhabitants to admire and enjoy them from all areas of the house.

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As far as the structure and layout of the house goes, this place can be broken into a series of combinations of rectangular box-like spaces. The house features clean and simple lines and this gives it a sophisticated and minimalist modern look. Also, the flexible interior is another characteristic of most modern spaces which are usually very versatile and functional. Further more, the color palette and the materials were chosen beautifully and they harmoniously interact in order to create a balanced and inviting space.

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The large French windows allow panoramic views to be admired from the bedroom and from the living area. The bedroom is very open and seems a little bit exposed because of the windows but privacy has not been sacrificed. The northern and southern parts of the house feature a nice division of open and closed spaces so there’s a lot of flexibility in terms of design and layout.