House on Top of Central London Post Office

The postal delivery system was the inspiration source for a new concept design that was put into practice by Paul McAneary Architects.What they actually did was to build two apartaments on top of the Central London post office, located in Victoria, London. The key concept is the post box component, which led to the large boxes of natural materials, perfect for what was to become the private programme area. The size of this area is quite modest, compared to the large living space, appropriate for having fun and relaxing.

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The natural light, which rules in the entire space is comforting and contributes to a generally pleasant atmosphere. The place is dominated by light colors that make everything around very welcoming and relaxing; the living room in the picture renders perfectly the idea of simplicity that makes you feel at ease.

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The wide glass windows offer a nice view over the city, while the wide space includes the most important elements a living room must have coffee table,  couch and armchair, all in a very open space where you feel you can breathe and spend your time the way you want with your family. The kitchen keeps the same light colors, with simple but quite modern furniture pieces that give a fresh air to such an important place. We all want to have such a simple house!{found on designboom}