Contemporary Residence Connects To Its Surroundings Through A Minimalist Shell

The House on the Stream (Casa sulla morella) is a project developed between 2008 and 2010 by Andrea Oliva Architetti, a studio established in 2001 that embraces minimalism and gives simplicity a new look, very stylish and very flexible.

House on the Stream overall viewView in gallery

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The house covers an area of 4,198 square feet which is around 300 square meters. It’s located in Castelnavo in Italy and it’s wrapped in a minimalist shell which, on one hand, makes it stand out while, on the other hand, allows it to establish a very close connection to its surroundings.

House on the Stream closed sliding panelsView in gallery

House on the Stream fine grooves in the facadeView in gallery

But the looks aren’t the only interesting thing about this project. The relationship between the house’s architecture and the landscape surrounding it plays a very important role in determining the design and the building techniques used in this case.

House on the Stream porch at one endView in gallery

House on the Stream white shell corner viewView in gallery

Other details such as the relationship between public and private spaces or the interaction between solids and voids help define the project and make the residence stand out in a unique way. White was chosen as the primary color and this lets the house look lightweight while also allowing it to look and feel very spacious, airy and fresh.

House on the Stream back facade at nightView in gallery

The shell surrounding the interior spaces is minimalist and sleek, creating a series or porches and transitional spaces while also sheltering the house and establishing a smooth connection to the exterior and the views.

House on the Stream porch at nightView in gallery

At one end there’s a covered porch and this portion of the house is the element that defines the boundary between the house and the countryside.

House on the Stream views from the terraceView in gallery

Fine grooves in the exterior walls divide the facade into several sections, creating a geometric pattern and establishing a modern and versatile design. The South-facing facade is made up of large, darker panels.

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These panels can slide open or can be closed, offering the users various options regarding the privacy they require or the amount of natural light they wish to let inside. The orientation of the house was carefully determined in order to let it take maximum advantage of the daylight and the views.

House on the Stream terrace surrounding the houseView in gallery

The house is open to the winter sun while being protected from the harsh afternoon summer sun. in terms of views, full height windows let the beautiful panorama become a part of the interior décor thanks to the sliding panels.

House on the Stream living room and kitchenView in gallery

In terms of interior design, the house is very simple but this doesn’t mean it lacks character. Carefully chosen materials and accent elements make sure it has the right amount of charm. One example is the staircase connecting the two floors. The mosaic of light and dark wood shades contrasts with the white walls and the metal handrail, establishing a balanced look.

House on the Stream living room seatingView in gallery

The fact that the living space opens onto a deck built into the shell of the house is very convenient, offering a lot of flexibility and, at the same time, bringing in lively colors and beautiful views.