House KvD by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten

House Kvd is unique in its design and located at the greener area of Teteringen near Breda, designed by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten. Keeping in mind the residents point of view, the house was built in the greener environment. The house is surrounded by trees provide you feeling of a amazing stance of the forest. House is square in shape, gives it a voluminous look and when you go thru the building you feel the connection between you and the environment.

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The part of the house is elevated with the help of pillars; hold an open courtyard where the doorway is positioned. On ground floor hosted the living rooms were located. The bedrooms are elevated and integrated with horizontal orientated windows. The outer part of house is made up of framework which prohibits entering of direct incoming sunlight and also provides a gorgeous ‘cut out’ vision of the forest

They also increase the sculptural feature of the house. The front is made of vertically positioned black tainted wooden materials. If you blend whole thing of the house like shape and material, it not only gives a modern look to the house, but also kept in its afforested atmosphere.