House into the forest near Moscow

Until now, when somebody would have told me that he has a house built in the forest, I was picturing some kind of wooden cottage with small windows and crowded rooms. Now, if someone tells me he has a house in the forest, I’m not allowed to picture anything, because I can be surprised what elegant and sophisticate houses can be in these places. Near Moscow, Russia, a team from Atrium Architects have designed and built a house for a young couple with a child, located on the top of a hill surrounded by tall pine trees.

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The site has three directions with beautiful views, so the architects had the idea of a folded plane which is lifted a little above the ground, creating the space of the house. This unusual house with bold angles is a combination between concrete, wood, stone, marble, glass and steel, the result being a shelter for a family which can enjoy it and the beautiful forestry view. Inside, the simple, yet elegant design creates a warm atmosphere.

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All the furniture and design elements are perfectly combined, creating a balance between useful and enjoyable. A wide pallet of colors and building materials was used because the architects wanted to create a house matching the personality of the young family who lives in. High ceilings, wooden floors, concrete walls, a lot of space and a beautiful view… they are truly the ingredients of a successful recipe.{found on contemporist}.