House Interior Designed in Lombardy,Italy

When you first look at this house, especially at the interior design, all you see is modern-looking place with very tasteful and stylish decorations and furniture pieces. It’s really surprising to find out that the house really dates back to the 16th century. It’s in fact a historic place that has been redesigned and renovated.

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Located in Lombardy, Italy and today it looks very different than it originally did. It has been redecorated and the interior has been redesigned with a contemporary touch. However, there are still some details from the old design that are visible, for example the stone walls and the wooden roof that have been preserved. This is a small reminder of the house’s history and it looks quite unique in combination with all the modern elements.

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The interior design features simple elements and the overall look is very elegant and stylish. The house features very nice furniture from some of the best Italian designers. The contrastive look is unique and the two completely different styles work beautifully together.

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The colors used are mostly neutral, with some bright touches here and there. It looks like the designers have done their homework when they took over this project. The simplicity of the decor is impressive, especially when in contrast with the old elements. It was a daring combination of styles and elements but in the end the result was very pleasing.{found on elle}