House in Menorca by Dom Arquitectura

Space is one of the fundamental elements that many people seek for in a nice and comfortable house, interiorly and exteriorly and the well balance of both. That is what many will think of an ideal house for summer time, the House in Menorca is one of such houses, with a good balance between its interior and exterior. The house was built upon the inspiration of the “tanca” of Menorca; the divisions with the wall of stone.

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The house had combined all of multiple elements in form of a harmony, which each of the elements has its own feeling and identify yet harmoniously balanced being with each other as whole. It has the elements of softness that is well contrasted with hardness, use of glasses and sand, and woods and stones. They are indeed a well balanced designed.

In fact, the back and front of the house is also well connected with a hall way of large opening for both sides, the back and front forming a well transition between the outside and the inside of the house. Furthermore, with the well designed sliding slats made of wood, it acts as the sunscreens for the house. It is indeed a masterpiece of a Spanish architect, Pablo Serrrano Elorduy from Dom Arquitectura.