House in India surrounded by nature and vegetation

This expansive contemporary house was a project designed by SPASM Design Architects. The property is located in Pune, India. The division of spaces seems natural but it required a complex process. The result was a functional design with a clever combination of indoor and outdoor areas. The house seems to have been divided into one major living unit with additional semi-opened spaces on each side.

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The design is modern and quite simple. Since the house is located in a vast area surrounded by nature and vegetation, with no neighbors close by, the architects have chosen to integrate large floor-to-ceiling glass walls into the design. This allows the inhabitants to enjoy the beautiful views and to feel in close connection with nature.

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The simplicity of the design is a very important factor and so are the colors used. The exterior has been painted with a warm tone of beige while the interior features a similar yellowish tone. This creates continuity, especially considering the transparent glass façade. The property also includes a covered garage on one side and several covered terraces that can be used as outdoor sitting areas and entertaining spaces. As for the materials used, the combination of metal and wood is quite visible. The metal provides durability and stability while the wood creates a warm and cozy look.