House in Huentelauquen by Izquierdo Lehmann

The first thing to observe about the building is, it is a beach house situated in a rural area in Huentelauquen, Chile and it faces the sea seeing a plain plateau which is exposed to very strong winds just 40 m away from the beach. This house is located along this specific border and has almost 5 chimneys for sea lookout and was designed by Izquierdo Lehmann.

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In the ground floor the rooms are present facing the sea and there is a bar which is kept at a distance from the back wall, which will prevent it from the strong winds. Both the dining and the living rooms are open with huge windows, which is present just in between the patio and the horizon.

House in Huentelauquen by Izquierdo Lehmann13


Patio becomes the main space in the house, which opens to the end and through the double walled glass present in the living room. The patio is connected to the interior via the living room. This also connects the main suite via the bathroom, which is located on the other side. The kitchen is connected to the service side on the opposite via this patio.