House in Galicia by A-cero Architects

One of the challenges faced by many of the architects was building with its natural surround, and in this case, a building built by a cliff over a steep slope of hill. It is just over by the coast of A Corunna. It was built consisting blocks of concrete cubes with different compositions of angle to make up the spaces inside the house.

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The house was built to be a three stories house connected by series of stairs with two of the bedrooms and each having the bathrooms of themselves. In fact, each of the two bedrooms also consist of their own gym, parking lot, closets and a nice and amazing view of the terrain. In which the main challenging design of this architectural building; building the house on a slope of the terrain. The main focus of the building structure was to create a clear and wide open space for the interior.

Therefore, with a system and design in locating each of the frameworks of the building and its walls, the architecture goal was to eliminate all of the elements and objects that could be distracting the direct perspective view of the building’s space in the house. Then with the reinforced ideas on the contrast of color used on the floors and wall, it could help to provide a comfort and warm feelings toward the house.