House in Chaum by Prax Architects

This House in Chaum has been finished by Prax Architects and the task was to come up with a structure which had space for housing, an office and also a garage. Prax architects resorted to resolute contemporary architecture where the establishment and the organization of the building were based on the surrounding vernacular structures.

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While the dwelling was directed to the southern direction, the workplace was set in the east and so was the much needed garage for storage purposes. The western ad the northern orientations were left with very few openings for protection purposes.

The location is very beautiful and the views that you can admire from there are breath-taking. It’s a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very nice design, both in terms of exterior design as well as of interior décor. Every room has a specific look, a different atmosphere and décor.

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But what they all share in common is the modern and simple style. It’s nice how all the materials and patterns work together and form a complete and equilibrated image. And all the different colors also work together to form complementary and colorful images.  It’s a beautiful design, modern and elegant and also stylish. Overall, it’s an unusual place with an unusual design, but it seems very warm and cozy. It would a great getaway place, perfect for relaxation.