House by Angelo Cassiello

The grand view house by Angelo Cassiello is something that can be completely compared to heaven. It is designed so beautifully that you will never want to go out of this house. It dazzles in the night and looks flawless during the day.

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Everything, right from the interior to the garden outside is perfectly coordinated with the design of the house. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings around you. Each and every part of the house is designed with the latest furniture and gadgets.

The living room area is very well delimited by the stone walls and the use of stone can be also seen in the way he arranged the bathroom. This feature gives the house a rustic appearance or better said a touch of rustic cabin, but somehow combined with all the benefits of technology. Glass is heavily used , but in a very clever way, so  it gives you the idea of space, freedom and cleanliness and adds an extra feature to the house architecture, leaving you the possibility to admire the surroundings from indoors.

The rooms are spacious and have high ceilings, giving you the permanent idea of freedom and open space and the furniture is really comfortable and large enough to make you feel fine. Everything in it is examined to the tiniest detail and chosen carefully so as to fit the whole picture like a piece of the puzzle.