10 Easy Ways To Give Your House A Quick Clean Up

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to clean your home from top to bottom, from every nook and cranny to every counter top and baseboard. On those days when you need to spruce your space and tidy up the clutter, you’ll need to know how to give your house a quick clean-up without any fuss and a lot of time spent. From the bedroom to the kitchen, here are some easy ways to clean, refresh and revive your home! You may think some of these are obvious and silly, but you’d be surprised how just one item on the list can make you and your house feel so much better.

1. Make The Beds.

Make the bedsView in gallery

Instead of leaving every bed disheveled from the night before, go around and have everyone dress their bed. Turn down the comforters, add the accent pillows and watch how easy it transforms your bedroom. It’ll look cleaner, neater and more stylish in a simple 5 minutes time.{found on highfashionhome}.

2. Dust the Furniture.

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Grab yourself a microfiber towel and start dusting. Just a quick wipe of your bedroom and home office furniture and you’ll see how refreshed you’ll feel, as well as how your furniture will look. You’d be surprised the amount of dust a dresser can manage to hold after a week’s time!

3. Sweep the Carpets.

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Take the vacuum around the house and get to work. Give each bedroom and hallway a quick sweep and take away dust, dog hair and anything else laying in the wake of a busy weekend. A clean floor is where it all begins!

4. Take Care of the Windows & Mirrors.

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Whether you use Windex or an organic glass cleaner, snatch up some paper towels and clean off all of the glass surfaces around the house. From the front windows to the mirrors in all the bathrooms, leave them fresh and smudge-free.{found on jangleysteeninc}.

5. Wipe Down the Bathroom Surfaces.

Wipe down the bathroom surfaceView in gallery

For a quick cleaning before guests arrive or after they leave, take time to wipe down all of the bathroom surfaces. Watermarks will be gone, yes, but germs will be too – which will be most beneficial for the entire family.

6. De-Clutter the Counter Top.

De clutter the countertopView in gallery

In your office, your husband’s dresser or in the kitchen, it seems that we all like to create piles of old mail, bills, to-do lists and more. When you’re in the mood for a quick sprucing, just go through the clutter and organize!

7. Fluff the Throw Pillows.

Fluff the Throw PillowsView in gallery

Take all the throw and accent pillows around the house and give them a tumble in the dryer. It’ll  revive them, clean them and if you can throw in a dryer sheet, they’ll smell great too!

8. Organize A Drawer.

Organize the drawerView in gallery

If you really feel unorganized and out of sorts, start with your personal drawers. Whether it’s you overflowing sock drawers or ones that hold your favorite t-shirts. Sit down and gown through each, fold and organize!

9. Clean Out the Fridge.

Clean up the fridgeView in gallery

Go through all of the food in the fridge and check expiration dates! This includes your condiments, which are notorious for going bad without us even know it. While you’re at it, give the shelves a quick wipe-down for good measure.

10. Polish the Wood.

Polish the woodView in gallery

If you have some wood polish, give your furniture and floors an easy protection. Every once in a while it’s nice to spruce up the dining room table and kitchen cabinets with a shine and seal.{found on assemblagestudio}.