Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh

Hotel Missoni is a luxurious hotel situated in Edinburgh, in the heart of Scotland. It is not just a five star hotel, it’s a brand. And it ensures high standards and quality, the best accommodation and all the other tiny differences that make a customer happy. The first thing you notice when you enter this hotel is the impeccable style, the tasteful choices that make all the rooms look great. The interior design is modern, but stylish, being bold and defiant rather than simple and comfy. The patterns chosen are daring and sometimes futuristic, but the whole ensemble make this hotel a great place to stay for a few days or even months.

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There are a lot of rooms available for customers, but every room and every hallway or the lobby is carefully designed and decorated in a predominant colour that is bold most of the time and comes in unusual and surprising combinations. You see black and white patters and really colourful spots, a lot of black to point the most important features and a lot of style.

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The rooms are beautiful and functional and they are completed by the very cool and modern spa, bar and Cucina restaurant where they serve delicious meals. For further details or for booking a room starting from 220 pounds, just visit their official web site.