Hôtel Droog – a place that brings together the concepts of shopping centre, gallery and hotel

Even though the concept of a hotel is very well defined, sometimes when you’re staying at a hotel you wish it had something more to offer. When you’re in vacation, regardless of the vacation, there are a few activities that everyone enjoys. These are shopping and visiting art galleries and museums. But most often you wish you could just bring the shopping center and the gallery to your hotel so you wouldn’t have to waste all that time and energy getting there. Well…there is a hotel that actually allows you to do that.

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This is Hôtel Droog from Amsterdam. It offers its guests an all-in-one experience. It’s a place that combines the concepts of shopping center and art gallery with that of a hotel. It’s a very resourceful place that you don’t even have to leave when you want to go shopping or when you want to visit a gallery. It was designed for the tourists that like to enjoy their vacation like anyone else but that also wish to waste as less time and energy as possible.

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But, of course, there had to be a catch. Even though it’s called Hôtel Droog, so it happens that this place has only one bedroom. So it’s not really a hotel but rather an agglomeration of experiences and spaces. Nevertheless, some people actually prefer privacy and exclusivity so it might not be such a big inconvenient after all.