Hotel Andronikos Cocoon Suites on Mykonos Island in Greece

Hotel Andronikos is an amazing structure located on Mikonos Island, in Greece. The hotel is very beautiful in its whole but there’s one part of it that is particularly interesting. We’re talking about the Cocoon Suites. There are 13 of them and they have all been recently redesigned by KLab Architects.

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The Mikonos Island is very beautiful. A lot of tourists are drawn to this location during summer and the population increases drastically. There are many beautiful hotels of the island but the Cocoon Suites from Hotel Andronikos are indeed unique. These suites feature a modern interpretation of the traditional architecture. Hotel Mikonos was built in 1990. Recently, 13 rooms out of 57 have been redesigned by Klab Architects. These are the Cocoon Suites.

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These suites have a very interesting design and architecture. They are characterized by irregular lines and angles and an overall compact look. They seem to have a distorted shape but this is one of the details that make these rooms unique. The furniture featured in these suits shares the same characteristics as the rooms themselves. The furniture seems to be attached to the walls, to be part of them. It’s like the furniture is erupting from the building. The Cocoon Suites were conceived as low tech rooms, as pure spaces that would feel unique and different but also inviting and comfortable.