Hot Trend: Snake Décor

Snake-inspired décor is trendy when it comes to clothing and jewellery, but décor too! The beauty about snake décor is that you don’t have to use items that resemble snakes completely. You can bring shapes, colors, and patterns to the living space that hint to snake charm in a subtle way. Here are some ways to make the hot snake trend work in your home without being tacky.

Snakes on a Ceiling.

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Swirly Lights in Snake Shapes

Snake lighting – those fixtures that curl and curve, mimicking snakes – can be a trendy way to add a bit of elegance to your home.

Bathroom snake tilesView in gallery
Mesh Snake Lighting with Various Themes

Unique fixtures and lighting options are always a winner, and snake-inspired ones work well with many décor styles, bringing the look home. Even if the lights are your only snake-inspired piece, they are creative and intriguing without requiring much else.

A Touch of Wild.

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Décor Details are Sophisticated and Sassy

A small snake-inspired item can bring a touch of the wilderness and elegance to a room. As can be seen in the picture above, a lampstand with a snake pattern provides a bold element while working well with the colour palette of the room.

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Mystical and Eye-Catching

Another example is to choose a decorative side-table that contains snake-like appeal, such as being formed in a twisted ‘S’ shape. This is much more unique than a standard, square furniture piece.

Snakeskin Staircase.

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Design Your Tiles in a Snakeskin Pattern

You can even create snake appeal in your home design with the use of mosaic tiles. Choose three tile colors and then create a pattern that mimics snakeskin. Make the pattern occur in a patchy design, and create various rows of it. This design can be used on the floor, on an accent wall, or on a staircase.

Wavy Walls.

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Sand-Like Walls Resemble Snake Path

Wall coverings or textured paints can also evoke a feeling of snakes. For instance, a textured wall with a gentle squiggly pattern on it can make one think of snakes moving through sand. Choosing such a paint or accent wall in an earthy tone or hot metal, such as brass or gold, creates a bold statement.

Shed the Old Snakeskin.

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Electric and Eclectic

You can go one step further and use faux snakeskin in different colors. A bright turquoise wall in a snake pattern can be effective, without looking overdone. When used in a Greek or Rustic styled room, it can be gorgeous. Make it the focal point of the room and subdue its strength with natural colors and soft fabrics in the rest of the living space.

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