Hot Trend: Industrial Décor

Industrial pieces might not appeal to you, but when used in conjunction with your furniture they can add an interesting attractiveness to your living space. Here are some tips on how to use industrial accessories and furniture for maximum effect.

Exposed Brick.

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Raw Elements Work Well

One of the features of industrial style décor is to leave materials exposed, such as to show off a brick wall in a kitchen. It makes the décor feel more earthy and raw, without losing its feeling of homeliness.

The Use of Concrete.

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Concrete is Tough but Stylish

Concrete is a popular choice for industrial décor, but would you ever think of placing it in the bedroom? Although at first it might seem to be a cold option, it can be eye-catching. You can add warmth to the look with colorful accessories and soft textures on the bed.

Attention to Detail.

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Small Touches Make an Artistic Difference

The great thing about opting for industrial influences in your home décor is that you don’t have to do too much in order to achieve it. You could add a few industrial trimmings to your current décor theme without having to overhaul the entire room. Window frames made from pipes can be a creative and highly effective addition to a room, for example.

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Modern Industrial Features are Stylish

‘Industrial’ doesn’t have to call to mind upcycling old metal in a dark room. The look can also be on the cutting edge of trendy, as you can see in the picture above that displays a high-tech chandelier. Such small accessories and touches to a room really culminate in creating an interesting ambiance.

Dark Furniture is Tops.

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Dark Furniture is an Easy Way to Infuse Personality

Deeper shades used in the furniture pieces of a room can work to create a complex, yet modern industrial décor plan. Black and grey décor pieces work exceptionally well, as do deep and matte shades of blue or purple.

Industrial Meets Vintage.

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A Creative Combination

The industrial and vintage styles work particularly well together. For instance, using old suitcases as décor items look great when blended with old-style industrial lighting fixtures.

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Opposites Attract

Wire and metal particularly work well to solidify the industrial look, but work in some softer vintage elements such as a faux velvet or fur rug, as well as thick drapes, to create unique and interesting appeal in a room that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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