Hot Décor Trend: Patchwork

Think cozy, nostalgic quilts and interesting prints on the wall. The patchwork trend in décor is a creative idea for wall, beds and many other décor items! You’ve just got to know how to use it to your design advantage. Here are some tips.

Puzzle Rug.

Cabin wood bedroom
A Puzzle Effect in Patchwork

The patchwork rug is a great idea for transforming your floors. It is also a creative way of bringing color to a room. In the above picture, a rug salvaged from antique rug pieces is a charming part of the décor.

Cabin wood bedroom
Eclectic and Vintage Looks Love Patchwork

Patchwork carpets that look like a blend of different styles can be great for an eclectic room. There are different types of rugs you can choose. A rug that is dyed to give you a great burst of color is spectacular in a Moroccan-styled room; on the other hand, a rug that looks a little tattered is perfect for a vintage room.

Patchwork Tiles.

Cabin wood bedroom
Tile Tastic!

The effect of patchwork can work on tiles. This is great for any room where you want to create a cozy and even nostalgic effect.

Cabin wood bedroom
Cute and Eye-Catching

Patchwork tiles can work especially well in the kitchen where soft and warm colors reign supreme. The patchwork area becomes an interesting place for the eye to settle.

Wallpaper Wonders.

Cabin wood bedroom
Patchwork Wallpaper is Easy to Achieve

Patchwork can be rustic, too. When used as an accent wall or as wallpaper, patchwork gives a charismatic and striking appearance to a blank wall.

Boho Bliss.

Cabin wood bedroom
Patchwork and Bohemian Bliss

Patchwork is delightful and sophisticated in a bohemian-styled room. As can be seen in the above picture, a patchwork headboard is a fun and interesting idea. The mix of colors and fabrics in this patchwork works because the mixing ’n matching idea is essential to the style of bohemian chic.

Tips for Patchwork Furniture and Upholstery.

Cabin wood bedroom
Tailor Patchwork to Your Design Style

Patchwork furniture is an easy way to bring in a bit of style to your room. The beauty about patchwork is that there are different colors and patterns to suit your décor needs. For instance, a sofa in blocks of colors is trendy and retro, perfect for the living room.

Cabin wood bedroom
Patchwork Bed is a Delight

When using patchwork in a cabin-styled home, the bedroom is your best place to let it come alive! Patchwork bedding in floral designs and soft colors create a cozy and warm place, offset perfectly by the wooden details in the room.

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