Horizontal Stripes Painting Tips

Years pass and rooms may need a redecoration, repainting or you may get bored with the old painting of your room. Thus repainting becomes an absolutely necessary thing. This problem reminds me of the fact that I need to repaint my apartment too as there are five years since I have not done this thing. The paint is faded, there are places where it fell down or dirty spots that need to disappear. Still, first I need to think of the colors that I want to use and what kind of model I can use for its repainting.

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Horizontal stripes may be an option, especially if I want to get a dynamic effect and something interesting as design. In this case I need some materials like: two colors of paint, painter’s tape, drop cloth, level, ruler, pencil, roller and an angled paint brush. Now the only things that I need are some patience and a lot of time. As we refer to stripes, their painting will definitely take much time.They involve measurements and arrangements so that they appear straight, correct and look nice.

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First of all, the wall needs to be painted if it is not already, then the marking of the first line is very important because according to its dimensions the other lines will be marked. The lines are taped, the edges are painted and then the rest of the intervals. After the paint is dried, the tape is removed. Contrast is obtained using a second color paint.Although this project involves a lot of time, attention and patience, your satisfaction will count more than them.{found on prettycitythings}.