Hope Table by Rafael Morgan

Tables are very simple, yet useful objects that people use when eating, writing, drawing or doing some other activities that involve having a table at hand. They have very little to do with art, except for the rare occasions when they are the central piece of the artist’ s inspiration and work. That is precisely the case with the “Hope table” that was designed by Rafael Morgan.

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It is basically a work of art, but you can also use it as a normal coffee shop table if you can afford buying it or if your customers are artists and people of culture that will understand the message and appreciate the effort.

The table is perfectly white and round, but it is not perfectly flat. It has some very well designed waves that look just like the waves caused by throwing a little rock into a lake. These circles have a white vase in their middle , looking like a bottle with a rose in it.


It suggests the messages sent by desperate people who are in danger maybe they are isolated on a deserted island and now they send messages because they want to be rescued. That is why this message is full of hope. So the table is called the Hope table exactly for this reason. I think it is full of sensibility and graceful from Rafael Morgan to design this table making it possible for all those sitting at this table to guess his feelings.