Hood Classic Globe Chandelier

We now live in the twenty-first century, an era of advanced technology and speeding discoveries in all the fields of science. The devices we use are faster and more and more complicated, but sometimes we just feel the need to return a bit in time and have a taste of the old days. Why should we give up everything that is new just because it is no longer modern? I say we should keep the best of both worlds. For example I found this great web site that deals with all sorts of old , even antique things and restores them or even manufactures new things but using an old model. Hood Classic Globe Chandelier is the perfect illustration of a product advertises by this web site called Rejuvenation.

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The chandelier was designed back in the 1910 – 1920 and it looks just like a crystal ball, but hanging from the ceiling. The funny thing about this lioghting device is the wire net surrounding the glass ball of the chandelier. It is protective and nice-looking at the same time. Actually this kind of chandelier used to be hung in the streets, so the wire net was meant to keep the glass pieces together it broke in order to avoid people getting injured in high traffice or work areas. Now this wire net is its distinctive feature and makes it look great. The present design is based on the one made by F.W. Wakefield Brass Company of Vermilion, Ohio, one century ago. You can have it for $264.75.