Homescent Collection – Snow Currant

Christmas is a festive holiday and people prepare the whole house for the celebration. You clean everything and arrange all the things inside, but also try to make your home more welcoming and beautiful for the holidays. So Christmas decorations turn out to be very useful these days, as they make our homes nice to look at and live in, but also bring the festive atmosphere. One of the most effective and nicest decorations are candles. They reminds us of times long ago when people did not have electricity, but also suggest family reunion, cozy and intimate atmosphere and even romantic Christmas dinners. This Homescent Collection – Snow Currant is amazing through its simplicity.

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The collection includes scented candles that also have some decorative elements inside. And since Christmas is almost here you will see natural ingredients appearing from the wax berries and small sticks. For the best effect you can add some holiday potpourri with : pinecones, wild apples, amra pods, orange pods, pear pod petals, moss, canella berries and natural sticks. This combination of natural items and scented wax is great and the effect is just perfect for the perfect home decorating for Christmas. Besides, the candles will spread a very nice scent around – clove and lemon zest, Ceylon tea and delicate orange blossoms. More about this special offer on the Pottery Barn web site for prices between $19.50 – $27.00 .